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  1. Well, it was supposed to come with a personalized card explaining why I chose that particular constellation. The gist of it is that some myths say that Orpheus, legendary musician and poet, was changed into Cygnus upon his death. This was because, after the death of his wife, he vowed to never love another again. He kept true to his vow and played the most beautiful, mournful music the world had ever known. When he died, he was cast into the heavens and took the form of a beautiful swan. His constellation is next to that of Lyre, which was created out of his favorite lyre, the one on which he made the best music of his life, in honor of his wife.

    I found that to be a beautiful and romantic story, very fitting for a wedding gift. And on the card bearing this story, it should have said, Congratulations! Love, Olivia.

    It should have been perfect. But, by forgetting the card, we now have a funny story of imperfection that may last even longer.

    Congratulations you two! (And I’m so excited that I made your blog, even though it was in the form of a mystery…)

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