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  1. Oh, wow! Meg and Kevin, congratulations! That’s wonderful news. If it’s a girl, I think Olivia Knodl has a nice ring to it….

  2. The baby will be a girl. She will arrive five days late, but it will be a good Christmas present for everyone concerned.

    Joanna (Hebrew for “God is gracious”) Mary Knodl feels right.

  3. We are so very happy for you both and will enjoy reading all about
    the new Knodl member. And if it is a boy Jaap sounds nice and for
    a girl Fenny is perfect.

  4. Congratulations guys!

    December 20th is a very special birthdate to me. It’s the birthdate of my father, maternal grandfather, first cousin (Lizzy) , and two other cousins I was close with in my early years (mother and daughter!)

    So you’re off to an incredible start already, in my book. 😉

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