New beginnings?

A little free form here for my return.

I’ve had a number of revelations about life in the past few months.  Changes at work and watching Nora develop into a new little person has kept my mind on the philosophical these days.  I’ll be honest perhaps it’s my listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.

Wait, just to be clear, no one is dying around here, but the thought of taking (and making) time for the people and things that are most important to us has truly been something that dominates my brain these days, in between the moments of just daily living (and trying to process the challenges team Knodl and the rest of the country and planet face in the future.)  Spending just a little bit more time here is one of the things I’d like to do.  Being so far away from some of my family and friends is difficult and I think this provides another form of connection to those that I care about.  More to come.

take care, Kevin

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You okay?

16263654183_4b0814269e_mNora: you okay? you happy, Mama?

Me: No, Nora. I’d like you to use your listening ears. Can you get your [insert clothing item]?

Nora: (Arms in the air) Surprise! you happy now, Mama?

Sigh. Toddler logic is sometimes hard to beat. Nora is certain that chanting “Yo Ho Ho!” while pumping her fist will make the Disney Junior show Jake and the Neverland Pirates appear. She also wants you to know that anything in her reach is “MINE!” and she has told us that the house we live in is really just Nora’s house.

At her recent parent-teacher conference we learned that Nora is independent, friendly and articulate. She’s also full of opinions and knows what she likes (chosing her clothes) and who she loves (always Daddy). Mercifully she’s also been a good sleeper again after a two week sleep strike that had us all yawning.

You okay? you happy, Mama? I have a happy, funny great kid. Yeah Nora, I’m happy now.

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I’m back

While playing in the house, Nora often likes to declare “I’m going.”  She has some belongings as if she’s going on a trip of some sort and she likes to say “bye bye”  Meg and I say “bye bye” “have a good trip” “don’t be gone long.”  She walks a few steps and then exclaims “I’m back” which is usually followed by some running toward us and some hugs and kisses.  It’s very fun and adorable.  Pretty much everything she does during the day is pretty adorable.  Currently her bedtime routine is not quite as pleasant but it clearly shows her continued development into a little person of her own.

I noticed today that I haven’t posted here in over a year and while part of me is not that sad, a part of me is.  I realize that at times I have enough keeping me busy and writing a blog post clearly isn’t the priority, but I know people enjoy to hear about the trials and tribulations of Team Knodl up here in Minnesota.  People can always watch pictures on flickr and videos on youtube, but sometimes it’s nice to hear a little story.   So I’m going to try and stop by here a little more often.  I’m setting a goal of one post a month so don’t get too excited, but I am “back”  (If you were reading above, now is when you come running and give me hugs 🙂

Team Knodl Update: Since our last post, both Meg and I have accepted promotions at work.  Things have become busier and more stressful but both of us really enjoy the work we’re doing.  Nora is doing great, both at Step by Step and at the feeding clinic (Nora’s therapist Kim has been great and Nora is moving slowly towards eating different foods.) and I think she’s looking forward to re-starting swimming again.   We’ve started this year with ambitious house goals (Entryway floor, Kitchen Cabinets, and bathroom floor) but we should have them completed by June 27th when we want all of Meg’s friends to come and help celebrate her 40th Birthday with us.  Connect with me on facebook for more info.

Take care everyone and keep in touch,



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Knodl update

Nora is talking and running and dancing. She loves pop music, animal crackers and Hello Kitty. She’s trying out colors, numbers and letters. Sometimes she’s fearless and joyful and other times she clings to your legs like velcro- it is truly an adventure every day.

Nora isn’t the only one growing and stretching her wings.  Kevin has a new role at work as the director of Operations for Fine Arts Programming. FAP has an excellent line-up this fall including Rosanne Cash and MPR’s Wits.

I am starting an 18 month mobility assignment at Hennepin County, an Action Based Leadership Experience in the Center for Innovation and Excellence. I’ll be learning about continuous improvement, strategy management, facilitation and more!

We hope you are well, too.



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Nora’s Favorite Things

Periodically- I make a quick summary with the Over app on my iPhone…


Trying to capture Nora’s preferences and interests…


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to delight us


And I want to remember what she loves/loved


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April Fools


OOF! April has brought us more earaches, strep and belly aches. Fender benders and small snafus weren’t far behind. Nora is getting to be such a kid- a true toddler with the ability to turn on tears for a Teddy Graham.

What’s good:

  • new storage unit, lamp, and living room layout
  • a new front door coming soon
  • Nora’s slide providing entertainment
  • Meg’s paper play and creative pursuits
  • Kevin’s love of organization and lists

What we’re looking forward to:

  • another visit from Oma in May
  • a family vacation in July to celebrate 50 years of the Knodls
  • Nora learning more words- it is so much fun when we can actually understand what she wants/needs


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long time no see

It has been too long since we’ve posted. Not for a lack of share-worthy events, we are swamped! I am also committed to continuing my projectlife scrapbooks to document our days for Nora (and us).  We are enjoying the momentary reprieve in weather. It is lovely to set Nora down on sunny pavement to walk to and from the car and to the  mailbox. We all had a little cabin fever by the end of February and it is a relief to feel spring will come again!


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In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours.
In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.
—Maya Angelou


Happy 3rd Anniversary Kevin. You are my favorite.

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Happy New Year All,

The end of the year is a time to take stock.  A year ago Meg and I made a gratitude jar.  Unfortunately we didn’t use it to its full potential, so I’m going to have to go from memory here.  Either way I can say- in a life full of ups and downs- Team Knodl has seen way more ups than downs and we feel truly blessed. A life full of family, friends and relatively good fortune, what more could a family ask for?  Since Nora has gone from 1 month old to 13 months old, most our highlights revolve around her this year.

We watched her go from this size:
FromMeg 004

to this size:
Iphone 055

Meg and I have learned tons of things about life, parenting, and eachother.  Spend some time watching Nora and you’ll see she has learned a lot too (clapping, walking, and climbing to name a few.)  We’re all looking forward to learning a lot more together.

Kevin’s words for 2014 – Mindful / Healthy / Open

  • Mindful – Making a conscious effort to be present, stop trying to multi-task so much, and give my attention more to the people around me.
  • Healthy – after a rather unfortunate year regarding health, both I and Team Knodl are going to turn things around this year (although I’m not quite exactly sure how yet, but I think Nora will start things off by sleeping through the night 5-6 nights a week)
  • Open – both open with my thoughts and ideas as well open to others ideas, and fighting fear of new things and letting go of anxiety surrounding change.

Team Knodl wishes all of you a wonderful 2014, may your lives have more up’s than downs and may you always notice and appreciate the difference.

Take care, Kevin

P.S. This is Meg- The best thing about this year is that it didn’t go fast. Montessori, swim lessons, becoming a working mom, meeting Sheryl Sandberg, traveling with Nora- it was a good, long year. My hope for 2014 is a year of calm, happy energy. I, like Nora, would like to wake up each morning smiling and ready for a new day. Things I am looking forward to: a getaway with Kevin, a visit from Krista, a cruise with the Knodls, and much more. <3 Peace and love, M.

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A GCCP or gratuitously cute couple photo was the norm on this blog a few years back. My favorite couple right now?


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